Our Growers

We want to introduce you to 3 of the many growers we partner with

to bring Branch and Vines small-batch products to you.

Peach Grower – Johl Farm

Named 2016 Agriculturalist of the Year by the California State Fair, the peach grower moved to the northern California valley from India at age 13.  He began farming with his father and today is involved in farming enterprises including walnut processing, irrigation supplies, and cold storage.  As an agricultural leader, Johl continues to grow award-winning cling peaches and has served on the California Cling Peach Board, Northern California Growers Association.

Our Summer Peach White Balsamic is one of our top sellers
and it starts with fabulous balsamic vinegar and we infuse
only the freshest local peaches.

Balsamic Vinegar – Tratorre Farm

True Balsamic vinegar is unlike anything else in the world.

For starters, it isn't made from wine: it's made from 'musto' cooked-down juice from white Trebbiano grapes. Then it is aged in a series of ever-smaller barrels, each made from different pairs of woods, for a minimum of 12 years, during which time it takes on incredibly rich and complex flavors as it simultaneously becomes more concentrated. The end result is as close to magic in a bottle as you'll ever find.

We're fortunate to have found a maker outside of Modena - the heart of the land of California wine country - who follows the old ways. We're able to partner with our producer to purchase in a small amount of his 'younger' balsamico (only 15-18 years old!).

Despite its youth, it has received the Consortium's highest rating of '4 leaves.'

Olive Oil - Birch Creek

The Ranch at Birch Creek, located in Livermore, has received a gold medal for its Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). When the COOC held its annual meeting in Monterey, a total of 180 Extra Virgin Oil Oils entered the competition, the Ranch at Birch Creek was one of 40 to receive the award.

The owners at Birch Creek, only produce and sell small quantity batches from the 700 olive trees currently producing.

Harvest Photos