Orange and Dark Chocolate Brownies (Almost Homemade)

Orange and Dark Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are as simple as you can get but the end result is worthy of any Kitchen Conqueror! 

The Hubs says they taste like an orange cream chocolate from the candy box.  So here you go!

You will need a box of ready to mix brownie mix. We like the Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate (not sponsor).  The studded semi-sweet chocolate, and an unexpected hint of balsamic vinegar are perfect partners. The orange olive oil boast the freshness of a recently sliced orange and the vinegar balances the sweetness and adds sophistication as if grandma’s recipe took a turn through Tuscany. A batch can be pulled together in half an hour, ready to rescue you in a pinch with a sweet treat that appears far more complicated. GO WILD Kitchen Conqueror...try Dark Raspberry, Maple or.... instead of Chocolate go wild!

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