Meyer Lemon and Ginger Jam


Discover a delightful burst of citrus harmoniously mingled with the warmth of spicy ginger in our exquisite Meyer Lemon Ginger Jam. Not only does it offer a mouthwatering experience, but it also combines the antioxidant properties of lemon with the immune-boosting essence of ginger. This healthy and invigorating sensation strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and a gentle kick.

Explore the many ways to savor our Meyer Lemon Ginger Jam: elevate your breakfast by drizzling it over pancakes and waffles as a unique and enticing alternative to traditional syrups, or use it to top delicate crepes. For an indulgent treat, delight in spoonfuls of this jam over your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt, creating an exceptional combination of flavors. Additionally, our Meyer Lemon Ginger Jam pairs wonderfully with fresh, warm artisan breads and a selection of fine cheeses, providing a culinary experience that is both satisfying and memorable.

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