Maple Dark Balsamic Vinegar


Transport yourself back to the nostalgic days of childhood, where the simple joys of eating snow drizzled with fresh maple syrup in Vermont filled your heart with warmth. Our Maple Balsamic Vinegar captures the essence of those cherished moments, offering a perfect harmony of rich maple flavor blended with the intricate complexities of our traditional dark balsamic vinegar.

This exquisite creation is a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. Use it as a glaze to enhance the flavors of your roasted winter squash or root vegetables, elevating them to a delightful experience. For a quick and delightful dessert, drizzle it over ice cream, or sprinkle it onto fresh fruit and cheese to craft a sophisticated appetizer that dazzles the senses. Take your cocktails to the next level by stirring Maple Balsamic Vinegar into your Old Fashioned, replacing bitters with a touch of maple magic. Let this remarkable creation redefine your culinary journey, infusing it with the sweet memories of days gone by.

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