Fresh Basil Infused Olive Oil


Experience the delicate and refreshing essence of basil with our award-winning Fresh Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each drop will transport you to a sunlit garden, where you pluck a basil leaf from the stem, inhale its invigorating aroma, and savor its fresh flavor.

Handpicked basil leaves are transformed into a delightful infusion within hours of harvest, ensuring the full essence of basil melds perfectly with our extra virgin olive oil. The result is a smooth, light oil with a clean finish, destined to elevate your culinary creations.

Enhance Italian recipes, pesto sauces, and marinades with this aromatic infusion. Drizzle over thick slices of tomatoes and goat cheese before roasting, or use it to enliven salad dressings, caprese salads, meats, chicken, pasta, egg dishes, and vegetables. With our Fresh Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can bring the garden's freshness to your table with every meal.

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