Divine Tomato Tapenade


Our Divine Tomato Olive Tapenade truly lives up to its name with its sun-kissed, tangy, and full-bodied flavor profile. Each ingredient is carefully selected and combined to create a tapenade that's truly divine.

Sun-dried tomatoes, slow-ripened under the warm sun, form the heart of this creation. Blended with just the right blend of herbs, they are then enriched with crushed Kalamata Olives, resulting in an intensely deep and harmonious flavor.

Elevate your culinary creations with this versatile delight. Stir it into a bowl of warm pasta as you would a pesto or spread it on sandwiches, pita bread, and warm-toasted crusty breads for an instant flavor boost. Use it to season fish and chicken before grilling or baking, or let it shine as a topping for pizza and focaccia. For a creamy and savory dip, mix it with ricotta or cream cheese. With our Divine Tomato Olive Tapenade, you can savor the sun-kissed flavors of the Mediterranean right in your own kitchen.

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