Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil


Get ready for a burst of citrusy delight with our Blood Orange Olive Oil. It's a flavorful masterpiece, brimming with the tang of blood oranges, subtle hints of raspberry, and a touch of spices. This blend offers a robust, tantalizing experience that harmoniously combines succulent fruitiness with vibrant aromatics. An award-winning treasure, this olive oil boasts a full flavor and a crisp, lively finish.

Serving Suggestions: Our Blood Orange Olive Oil is your passport to culinary creativity. Elevate your meals with this versatile oil by using it as a dipping sauce for artisanal crusty bread or to add vibrancy to soups, fresh summer salads, pasta dishes, vegetables, rice recipes, and sauces. Whether you're marinating or sautéing, this oil complements duck, seafood, and chicken dishes. Experiment with a blood orange glaze for duck or use it as an enticing lemon substitute in various recipes.

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