Bacon Infused Olive Oil


Indulge in the tantalizing aroma and flavor of our Bacon Infused Olive Oil, a culinary masterpiece that boasts a light and luscious texture. This exceptional oil captures the perfect balance of smokiness and the delightful essence of bacon, making it an ideal heart-healthy alternative to bacon grease. It's the ultimate treat for bacon lovers when crispy strips are out of reach, providing everything you adore about bacon without the meat.

This specialty oil combines our premium extra virgin olive oil with the satisfying essence of 100% real bacon. Its applications are as diverse as your culinary imagination – use it to marinate chicken, drizzle over fresh salad greens combined with nuts and goat cheese, or elevate a spinach salad adorned with red onions. Our Bacon Infused Olive Oil also stands in as a fantastic substitute for bacon fat, infusing a rich, smoky flavor into your favorite dishes. Whether you're frying eggs, grilling cheese, enhancing soups, or firing up the BBQ, reach for this bottle of instant bacon gratification and savor the essence of smoky delight.

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