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Discover a new realm of culinary delight with our exclusive celebratory events at Branch and Vines. From our Tea Blending to our Culinary Odyssey Soiree, immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience tailored to celebrate your special occasions. Craft a tea as unique as your love story or delve into the rich history and intricacies of oils and vinegars while enjoying fun-filled moments with your loved ones. Join us for an extraordinary journey of flavors, memories, and culinary adventures, leaving with custom blends to enhance your wedding or elevate your next meal.


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From Tea Blending to Crafting the Perfect Charcuterie Board.

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Celebrate your journey of love with our Bridal Tea Blending party at Branch and Vines. Gather your nearest and dearest to embark on a delightful journey of crafting a tea blend that reflects the essence of your unique love story. Guided by our expert team, explore a variety of aromatic herbs and flavorful ingredients as you blend and mix to create a bespoke tea that captures the spirit of your romance. Sip, laugh, and cherish precious moments with your loved ones as you indulge in this special occasion, leaving with a custom tea blend that serves as a beautiful memento of your love-filled celebration.


Discover new flavors

Join us for an immersive exploration into the fascinating world of oils and vinegars, where you'll uncover the rich history, scientific intricacies, and health benefits of these culinary treasures. Delve into the production processes and learn about pH ratings while savoring the nuanced flavors of each oil and vinegar. With a group of friends or family, enjoy a fun-filled evening of discovery and delectable delights as you learn effortless and innovative ways to elevate your culinary creations. Leave the event with a custom blend you've created, ready to enhance your next meal or add a touch of sophistication to your wedding festivities.