Journeying with Us

Since our inception in 2010, Branch and Vines has been all about catering to your taste buds. It all began with that initial encounter with quality olive oil and balsamic in a quaint cellar store. The spark of enthusiasm ignited within us, propelling us to share this exceptional quality with a wider audience. This spark has now evolved into the physical presence of our brick-and-mortar store, and our digital accessibility for those beyond our immediate reach.

Our purpose

& Vision

Our purpose has been to bring the love for authentic flavors to you while maintaining a strong connection to the rich traditions of Mediterranean viticulture. We embarked on an extensive journey of sampling and testing numerous submissions, finally selecting the first 10 that met our stringent quality standards. Over time, we have expanded our offerings to 27 varieties through our dedicated growers.

Finding our community

And our voice

Starting humbly with a small table at Farmer’s Markets, our growth has been driven by the very people we are proud to serve – a community of food enthusiasts who inspire our dedication to sharing the unparalleled richness of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. These products encapsulate the very soul of the Mediterranean, finding their way from the heart of those groves and vineyards to your dining table.

A note from our founders

Our Core Beliefs

We firmly believe that every single drop of olive oil, every dash of balsamic vinegar, and every dollop of
mustard or jam should not only tantalize your taste buds but also conjure the spirit of the region from
which it originates. We ensure that your culinary creations, whether a simple salad, a gourmet masterpiece, or an ambiance-filled moment reminiscent of a vineyard, are graced with the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this delectable and sensory expedition.

What we bring you

and your family

At Branch and Vines, we have curated an exquisite collection of premium olive oils and barrel aged
balsamic vinegars, each infused with natural ingredients. Complementing these, we offer small batch products that are sure to inspire fellow food enthusiasts everywhere. Our range transcends from the sun-soaked groves to the rolling vineyards, merging tradition and innovation seamlessly. Every bottle or jar holds within it a narrative of generations that have nurtured the land, honed their craft, and extracted the purest, most flavorful oils, vinegars, fruits, herbs, and more.