Our story is about passion...

Passion about flavor.

We discovered our first passion for flavor in a small boutique shop in Leavenworth Washington on a wintery excursion.  We walked down into this little shop that had a tasting room. We had never experienced infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar prior to this. We bought some to take home.  We could not get this experience off our minds. The simplicity of the store, the quality of the products, and the flavor explosion in our mouth was something to behold. However, we knew nothing about how it was made, what actually exemplifies quality. Like most people new to gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar we were novices, but excited novices at that!

Passion about preservation and quality.

The 10-year investigation began, reading, traveling to tasting rooms, recipe creations, discovering growers and producers and their stories of quality of ingredients and production. We found that we were just as passionate about quality over quantity as our first passion in the flavor. Less sugar, more nature. The passion to preserve the small-batch world of gourmet products was birthed. 

Passion about story and connection.

Not only do we want to preserve quality over quantity, but bring it to market for those ‘seekers’ of quality like we had become. We must have interviewed 20+ growers and producers all across the country in the journey to find our partners for production.  (read about some of our growers) And finally settling on a production partner right in our own northern California Valley who honors the small batch

We are passionate about telling the story of quality because in a world of mass everything, we feel it is a story less told and want to change that. Getting back to the root of what nature delivers is important to health, wellness and flavor.

When you have those ingredients, you want to bring them to your friends and family.

Gather. Enjoy, Savor.

Here’s to connecting around the table,
Clark (aka Hubs) and Felecia