Fused or Infused this is the question.

Olive Oil

fused oil olive is created when the olives are pressed or crushed simultaneously with fruits and/or whole fresh herbs. ... Infused or flavored oil is produced when herbs and spices are added after the olive oil has been pressed.

Balsamic Vinegar

Flavored balsamic vinegars are created by infusing or blending unaged balsamic vinegar with fruit, herbs, spices, chocolate, and other ingredients to give them a rich and unique taste profile. Infused balsamic varieties are made with dark or white balsamic vinegar, the vinegars are then aged to intensify and round out their flavor. Aging is typically 12 years or more.

Olive oil enthusiasts, much like wine lovers, will travel to Northern California to tour, taste and bring home artisanal olive oils. 

Oil and vinegar doesn't mean bland, sour or bitter.  Fused and Infused oil and vinegar bring bold, sweet and savory to new levels. 

In the 21st century, you don't have to travel anywhere to indulge in an array of products, you can buy online and have quality indulgences sent directly to you.